It dries your clothes

Thanks to its revolutionary system, the Dry Baloon™ generates a current of warm air that dries your clothes. The Dry Baloon™ has a silent fan that makes the warm air flow in the right direction so that it reaches all parts of the clothes you've put inside.

Dry Baloon™ dries your clothes
Dry Baloon™ stores your clothes

It keeps them safe

The Dry Baloon™ can keep your clothes wrinkleless and away from dust. Its spacious structure allows you to hang your clothes on hangers as if it were a wardrobe. Putting the protection cover on the Dry Baloon™ and adjusting it at the bottom will protect your clothes from any agent that could stain or damage your clothes while they are hanging.

It disinfects

The high temperatures the Dry Baloon™ can reach repel and remove bacilli and insects that are attracted by the dampness of newly washed clothes. Thanks to its zip cover, the Dry Baloon™ will isolate your clothes from the outside avoiding contact with dust and dirt while they are still wet.

Dry Baloon™ disinfects your clothes



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